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We have so much passion in our hobby that many can't believe that we don't just invest our time in our llamas and alpacas. Anyone who has ever been with us knows that we stand behind what we do with a lot of ambition.

Anna-Lena still works as a qualified nurse and Marc as a printing technologist.

We both like to be in nature and go hiking, snow sports and walking, etc. Outside we like to be very much and prefer to see a nature spectacle more than TV.

Marc is actually training as a farmer that we can take over the farm later. Anna-Lena can also imagine to work part-time as a nurse, but she never wants to leave.

Our farm which we have built ourselves and brought to what it already is and will be, is important to us. We do everything that many people with positive impressions can continue to tell about.

In the last 8 years of our Lama- & Alpakahof we have both seen that it is possible to work at the same time because we both do not see work but enrichment in our hobby.

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