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story of llama karl

The 7th May 2017 was a cold and rainy day. Our llamas and alpacas were outside as usual and didn't show anything. Suddenly we saw Cindy, Karl's mum, giving birth.

She is an experienced mother who has already given birth to 3 young.

After a long time back and forth Karl was born.

Since llamas and alpacas usually give birth in the morning and in sunny weather, we already knew at the first signs that this course comes differently. We took them to a straw-filled compartment in the yard so that the could be alone and the little one (at the time still nameless).

We watched the little guy for a while. Since it is usual to drink directly from the mother and then to dissolve the first meconium, we paid particular attention to it. But unfortunately somehow it didn't go as planned..

Karl walked constantly under his mother and did not find the teats. Cindy was also noticeably desperate and wanted to steer her little one to the right place. Our support was also insufficient.

We then contacted our vet because we wanted the little one to be well. He also said without colostrum, you can forget it. In addition, the animal also needs any minerals and vitamins which, as it wants to be, can only be found in mother's milk.

But little Karl could not be convinced.

With different milk mixtures, vitamins, minerals we have achieved that Karl has at least his daily dose of essential nutrients.

Only there was still a problem.. he had no bowel movement for a few days and the danger of poisoning increased with every day.

Our vet then decided to surgically open the small abdominal cavity for us to see if there was a passenger disorder. Karl went through everything super.

After a short general anaesthetic and to prevent wound infections, he had to spend the first night in a clean place. That was then in our living room.. :-D

He was quickly awake the next day and supported Anna-Lena briefly in her studies before waiting at the front door until Marc came to pick him up.

The following days were very exciting. Karl was already looking forward to his bottle, which was filled with warmed cow's milk. In the morning at 5 o'clock, at noon, in the evening and at night he was ready when Marc or Anna-Lena came with the bottle.

Then, on 5th July 2017 when Marc went to the herd with Karl's bottle at noon, he saw something that made him laugh out loud..

Karl stood next to Cindy and sucked milk with pleasure from her teats.. And then he looked out cheekily under her.. with a milky-mouth..

We enjoyed the intensive time very much and forgive Karl.

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