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our first blog post.

We are asked again and again who we actually are and how it came to the idea to keep alpacas and llamas. You will be able to read more about our Lama- & Alpakahof in this and other blogposts. If it‘s still just a hobby you‘ll find out next week.

So this is us: Anna-Lena (26) and Marc (31).

Marc grew up in Triesenberg and is the eldest of three children. His father still runs the farm with dairy cows.

Anna-Lena also grew up in Triesenberg. She's got a younger brother. They had ducks, rabbits and chickens.

We've been a couple since the beginning of 2010 and already started in May of the same year with the first renovations at the farm so that the old henhouse at Marc's family home became a functional outdoor enclosure.

The dream of having their own animals was a must for both of us and when Marc's mother saw alpacas on TV it was definite which animals would come to our farm.

In the middle of June 2010 the time had come and the first three alpacas arrived. Short time later, a pregnant llama mare with her young and a gelding moved in then.

From this moment on we were the Lama- and Alpakahof Triesenberg.

Our heads were bubbling over with ideas and in May 2011 we officially started trekking tours.

When the first foal was born it was about us, we now count 24 llamas and alpacas.

see you soon :)

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