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The word yurt means home. 

In Central Asia, especially in Mongoleia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the traditional tent is used by nomads. 

In the late 1960s, the Yurt People emerged in America and Europe, a movement that took over the construction of traditional yurts. The yurts were built with more modern materials and the interior fittings left hardly a wish unfulfilled. The European climate and higher rainfall were also taken into account. 

The popularity of the yurt was increased in Europe by documentary films from Mongolia and tourism. 

Our yurt was delivered and assembled by Zeltwelt GmbH. We were allowed to help with the construction of the yurt and were able to learn a lot. Before the arrival of the yurt we had time to do some preparatory work, like our wooden floor, the beds, cupboards... and a lot more.

Many thanks at this point for the energetic support of our friend Mario Beck. He supported us with great ideas and their implementation. The yurt, it's interior and the environment became perfect because of his tireless work.

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